Top Places for Computer Repairs in Singapore

Did you accidentally damage your laptop screen? Or do you have problems loading your desktop computer? If your answers are yes to the preceding questions, then it’s best to get professional help to repair your computer. But how do you select the most suitable computer repair shop to fix your computer? Well, fret not, as we are going to list down the top places for computer repairs in Singapore.

Budget PC Upgrade & Repair

We start off our list with Budget PC Upgrade & Repair (BPUR). Yes we know the name is quite a mouthful, but don’t let it deter you from the fact that BPUR is one of the most affordable and efficient computer repair shops in Singapore. On top of that, BPUR has 3 branches near Tai Seng, Marsiling and Jurong East MRT stations for your convenience.

BPUR offers numerous computer repair services for issues such as damaged operating systems, computer parts replacement, weak laptop performances and recovery of data. Its team of technicians are equipped with a wide range of experience in handling various types of computers including notebooks, desktop computers, iMacs, Macbooks, and even other devices.

The best part about BPUR is that if you bring your computer to their branches, they will provide a free diagnostics test to detect the issue. Then they will explain the possible solutions with a quotation. It’s entirely up to you to take them up on their quotation offer, or if you feel you can get a better deal elsewhere, they will not charge you for the diagnostics. What’s more, BPUR provides optional home service and computer delivery services at a low additional cost if you are too busy to come down to their branches.

Digital Hospital

The second computer repair shop on our list is Digital Hospital. No, don’t worry, it is not an actual hospital with patients, rather it is a fast and convenient shop that “treats” damaged computers.

Digital Hospital is located at the central part of Singapore, in Bugis Junction. You can easily book an appointment date and time online via their website, before proceeding to their outlet. Incidentally, they also offer pickup and delivery services if you are too busy to head down to their outlet.

Some of their services include, recovery of data, fixing issues with connectivity, repairing laptops, replacing batteries and rectifying computer problems due to spillage of liquid. One of the best things about Digital Hospital is its extremely prompt service turnaround time. Regardless of your computer problem, they will be able to diagnose and repair your computer or mobile device within 3 days. That’s an extremely rare feat, as compared to other computer repair shops.

Lynx IT Services

Lynx IT Services is located at Oxley Bizhub, the bustling office and commercial building along Ubi Road 1. It has a team of well-trained technicians who offer various computer services including computer and laptop repairs, replacement of computer screens, and recovery of data.

The best part about Lynx is its fixed and transparent prices for the various computer and laptop repair services. Their repair fees remain the same, regardless of the severity of your computer problems. This makes it stand out from other computer repair shops which vary their service fees according to the extent of the computer issues and scope of services needed to rectify those issues.

In addition, Lynx provides a work warranty period of one to six months, so you can be assured of repair works of the highest quality. If your computer becomes faulty again after their repair work, their technicians will repair them at no additional cost, provided that the issue is within the scope of the warranty period.