The Best of Singapore Food

Singapore is a marvellous place to enjoy food, and Singapore food is renowned for its diversity. But it can be expensive. Like most major cities in the world, eating out can make up a major cost of your travel expenditure. And Singapore is no exception. Most tourists would only ever experience the expensive restaurant food (along the shopping street).

Fortunately, here in Singapore, you will be able to salvage and salivate some of the most intriguing and fascinating food in the world – without burning a hole in your pocket! How can it be possible? Well, just follow what the locals eat, do a little finding and walking, that will do the trick. If you really want to experience local Singapore food at its best, try the hawker centres (a place where all the food stalls are set up together) within the neighbourhood.

Here are some of our favourite Singapore local food.

Slice Fish Noodle

As the name suggests, this dish comes with noodles served with slices of fish and seasoned fish soup. Fresh sliced fish, green vegetables, chunky tomatoes and aromatic herbs are used as ingredient to the noodles.

Hainanese Chicken Rice 

As you can see from the name, this is a Singapore local food. This dish includes steamed chicken served with fragrant rice. Remember to have it with the ginger –garlic chilli sauce, and sweet soya sauce for the ultimate chicken rice dish.


This is a very popular Malay delicacy that comes with seasoned meat or chicken kebabs skewered on thin wooden sticks. Satay is usually served with rice cake, cucumber, onion and thick peanut gravy. Sinfully scintillating!


Laksa is a dish consisting of rice noodles mixed with curry (coconut based) gravy, served together with eggs, chicken, prawn and cockles. Spicy and yummy!

Roti Prata and Teh Tarik

Photo Credit: Burpple

This is a very popular thin and crispy Indian pancake like dish (which can go with or without egg), served with thick mutton or fish curry gravy. It is usually eaten for breakfast, and is enjoyed by both the Indian and non-Indian communities alike.

Teh tarik, on the other hand, is an Indian/Malay tea mixed with both evaporated and condensed milk. A word of caution, the drink can be very addictive!


Call it a local appetiser if you wish. It is served with fruits, vegetable, and in some variations, fish cake, fish fillet, fried beancurd and more. The ingredients are then mixed with thick prawn or peanut paste and toppled with peanuts, onions and cucumber. Rojak can be very appetising and it can be eaten as a side or main dish.

Chicken Curry

A dish served with spicy curry gravy, tender chicken meat and Holland potatoes. It goes best with French loaves and white fragrant rice.

Char Kway Teow

A mixed of white and yellow noodles fried with dark sweet sauce, bean sprouts, fish cake, vegetable and clams. This is a dish that can leave you asking for more.

We could easily have named a few more Singapore local food here. But we suggest you do some adventurous food picking when you are in the hawker centres to experience the diversity of Singapore food for yourself. Just remember this – the best value for money Singapore food is always found in the heart of the residential living area.