Shopping in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore can be so effortless. Even in a land scarce city like Singapore, we are able to house numerous shopping centres and malls. How the government is able to squeeze out land to develop so many shopping districts puzzled even the most arduous seasoned shoppers. At first glance, you may only notice rows and rows of trees lining explicitly along the stretch of the road leading to the city. High rise and tall buildings soon take the majority of the scenic view and scores of concrete buildings will envelop you.

At this point, if you are a tourist who had just landed in Singapore and making your way to the city, you will probably be asking yourself if you are making the right decision to be here. Self doubt may slowly creep into your mind, especially if you are here for a sole reason – shopping.

But fret not, as amidst the bustling and hustling of the city dwellers, the inhabitants of this small island found a national sport to break up the monotony of their everyday life, which is none other than shopping. We shop to eat, we shop to cloth and we shop to stay alive (as a form of exercise to regulate our stressful body).

As some people had rightly or wrongly put across “Singapore is a land of Ladies Shoppers” Gender discrimination? Jealousy? Come on, what about the men? What happen to the men when ladies shop? Simple, the men just have to wait, or they can do their own shopping.

Singapore’s main shopping belt lies in the heart of Orchard Road. Every year, millions of tourists visit this tiny city island, primarily to shop. There are numerous high end and affordable shopping centres and malls located all around Orchard Road such as Orchard Ion, CK Tang, Far East Plaza, Lucky Plaza, Plaza Singapore, Takashimaya, Centrepoint, and so much more. Of course, most shopaholics will instantly fall in love with almost everything in sight. From major brands like Louis Vuitton to mainstream wears like Hang Ten and U2, there is no shortage of shopping options in Orchard Road.

Venturing out of Orchard Road, from the tiny street corners along Arab Street and Little India in central Singapore, to the neighbouring shophouses in residential areas like Woodlands and Toa Payoh, and to the major shopping hubs such as Suntec City and Vivo City, the shopping arteries link up, generating the core of shopping activities. Only the die hard shoppers will be able to survive without suffering from shopping adrenalin overdrive. To the fanatic shoppers, shopping in Singapore is a fantastic, visual and satisfying treat.

Here in Singapore, the shopping experience is insane! You hardly have time to rest and take a seat, especially during shopping seasons such as the Great Singapore Sale, which offer unbelievably big discounts. You can only slow down at your own risk  because the items could be gone in a few seconds during these shopping sprees.

Well, shopping in Singapore is truly fascinating and intriguing as there is no shortage of places to shop. So the next time you are here, be sure to check out all the shopping locations this tiny island has to offer.