Expect the Unexpected in Singapore Nightlife

Some tourists and locals believe that nightlife in Singapore is totally none existence. When these people were asked on how they felt about Singapore’s nightlife as compare to others cities in the world such as Bangkok or New York, they usually have the same brutal, honest and unsentimental answers. They claim that it is high time Singapore open up in the night, and not just for the Formula 1 night races. While they may admit that they are seeing more vibrancy and colour coming to this city, they still feel that much still can be done, especially the night scene.

But if you ask the right people about Singapore’s nightlife, you can expect to find out all the unexpected places to go and things to do at night. Forget about the hearsay of obedient law abiding citizens who just do not know what fun is all about. In fact the young generation of Singapore citizens has just been let loose, having a meal of their time at night. Singapore’s nightlife has undergone major cardiology surgery in recent years. The heart beat of the night could not have been better. In fact, it is the best time now to experience the night pulse of the city state. The transformation is indeed startling and refreshing.

For those who love to eat good food and drink a wide assortment of drinks, the nights represent another set of local dishes, drinks and environment for you to salvage. From Newton food court to Geylang coffee shop, Simpang Bedok, Golden Mile Food Centre, Kampong Glam Cafe and more, you can experience a totally different setup of food establishments and cuisines. There are an abundant of eateries and food centres in this small little city, enough to leave you spoilt for choice. The network of food and drink establishments located conveniently around the island allows you to hop and jump around without much fuse, and cherry pick the eateries that fit your bill, your mood and your immediate desire.

The nights do not solely belong to the foodies and party animals. Die hard shoppers will find solace in the city night. In fact late night shopping is getting popular here. You can shop at many shopping centres that open till late into the night, or even ones that operate 24 hours a day, such as Mustaffa Centre. For the culturally more refine crowd, theatre and concert performances are always ongoing. The newly built Esplanade showcases some of the best local and international performances and shows.

What more can you ask for if you can enjoy all the night activities, knowing that you are in one of the safest countries in the world. While you continue to be thrilled and mesmerised by Singapore’s nightlife however, please do take note of the following so that you will have an eventful night out.

  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Smoking is restricted in most entertainment outlets.
  • Low crime does not mean no crime. Keep watch on your wallet, jewelry, branded goods and valuable items.